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The Bright Side is an ideal book for anyone who can appreciate stories that take you through a cycle of horror, tragedy, pain and joy, all of which are magnified by the fact that each story is true. It also contains valuable information and interviews, weaved in between compelling data that will captivate you, touch every emotion and make you smile.

Category: It's a book of captivating true stories and self help.
The Bright Side addresses the full gamut of societal issues and significant data through 17 main stories, interviews and several sub stories, including the following:

"King Penn" is the story of Reggie Penn going through the destructive pattern of what his life became after seeing his mother die when he was only thirteen-yrs-old. Taking to the streets drug-dealing and thuggish behaviors nearly led him to the point of no return. After falling hard several times, he picked himself up, and turned his life around and became a three-time World Slam Poetry champion.

"A Reckless Journey" is the sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking story of Kolton Cotter, a young man who battled his own demons, while also having to handle an abusive father, being the only white kid in a rough all black neighborhood, and witnessing his sister being abused.

"Rising Amazing" reveals the life of a man who suffered more loss than most people could imagine, three siblings ad his parents. He slips into every negative influence the streets had to offer, falling and rising over and over, until eventually he prevails to become Dr. Jackson.

"No More 911" gives a vivid illustration of how Laura Patterson a 911 operator becomes her job, to the point it almost kills her, literally an figuratively.

"War and Now" gives gory details of how Mike, a disabled war hero relives the war in his mind, and at one point death seemed like a better option to him than living. That was the prevailing thought in his mind until an unlikely hero saves him from himself.

"A Pearl in the Rubble" depicts an ugly truth about abusers that all too often become family secrets that are carried to the grave. All is exposed through the story of Pearl Helena Walstine, a young girl whose suffering became unbearable, her anguish increasing with each phase of maturity.

"Leaving Egypt" reveals the truth about Ramy Mohamed, an Egyptian boy who broke all the rules and family traditions for what he thought was the good life, on a journey that is on par with the average R rated movie, he goes from being the despised villain to the good guy.

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